Social Bookmarking – Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

social bookmarking

Submitting of social bookmarks could be the next big thing in website marketing since the development of in which your blogs.

Social Bookmarking websites like Del. icio. us, Stumbleupon, Stumble Upon and Furl allow their users to create a range of website content bookmarks. Submitted bookmarks are tidy by content tags, which are arbitrary phrases or thoughts a user can assign to the content they wish to bookmark. This provides you with the user a way to classify, rank and organize website content using tags.

The most popular Social Bookmarking website is Digg. Google is a relatively new social bookmarking website and has in its short space of time attracted millions of members who daily add bookmarks to everyone sorts of website content. Over search engines and other bots, submitting of social bookmarks websites have an intrinsic advantage. Users will choose what exactly content they will bookmark, unlike relying on a program to separate out and qualify content. There is an implied quality in an issue that someone has taken the time to select.

Users of a social bookmarking web page will read other posters bookmarks and then add them to their unique bookmarks if they liked them. You can even view RSS
passes to see what others are tagging, which is a very cool feature and is particularly a textbook example of a very powerful viral marketing process.

My own experience and testing show that 3. 2% of my website traffic come from social bookmarking sites, off that 50 % come from Digg. com, 20% from
Del. icio. you and the remaining 30% come from various bookmarking sites On the web a member of. These sites include Furl and Stumble Upon.

For a search engine optimizer, social bookmarking is another tool I use to promote my very own websites. An example would be, introducing a newly developed website. I could wait until Google, Yahoo and MSN found my website naturally, but that would take weeks if not months. I can join a link exchange network and exchange links with the different website and have the search engines find me that way. But, in spite of this, I would be relying on the indexability of the linking webpage for the search engine to find me. Or I could add many bookmarks on 3 of the most popular social bookmarking websites. This kind of large bookmarking websites are indexed many times a day and the search bots are only looking for new content. Have a search for on a social bookmarking website and could expect to be crawled by big 3 within hours or at the most, within time.

To successful bookmarker, you need to supply good quality original content material. Content that is going to be searched for and will solve a problem often the searcher has. There is no point bookmarking content that not a soul wants. Spamming has become a major problem, but social bookmarking is operated by its users. If the content you plan to discover is plain spam, the users of the bookmarking website will probably just ignore it and move on. Your content will die away and eventually be dropped out of the social bookmarking website index chart.

If you social bookmark properly and supply good quality content, you will definitely gain dozens of quality backlinks as other bookmarkers, take a note of your content. This technique is a popular tool for successful search engine optimization and also the best feature of social bookmarking is that it is free to work with. I have not come across any social bookmarking website that rates the user to use their facility.

Social bookmarking websites are getting popularity every day. Find the ones that best fit the theme of your website and bookmark with them. But remember, you will solely succeed with bookmarking if you have content that is worth book-marking.

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Social Bookmarking For Internet Marketers

social bookmarking

Submitting of social bookmarking is one of the hottest Web 2. 0 online trends. The concept of social bookmark submitting is about 10 years old, but due to its recent explosive growth, it has just now become one of the new internet “buzz words”.

It’s important for internet marketers to understand social bookmarking and how it can help these individuals promote their products and services.

So, what is social bookmarking and why is it important to internet marketers?

What is Social Bookmarking?
You are probably already accustomed to bookmarking websites, that you want to visit again, using your Internet Explorer as well as Firefox web browser. The bookmarks you create to these websites are for your personal use and are stored on your computer.

Submitting to social bookmarks is the next step in bookmarking, where you and others can show bookmarks to websites you think may be of interest to others. This is done via online Bookmarking services. After you have decided upon the Social Bookmarking service, you will be allowed to register a website, site description, and tags (keywords) with the service – that is a bookmark. You will also be allowed to share this bookmark, or you can keep it private (depending on the service). This information is stored by Social Bookmarking service and is not stored on your computer.

What is the net Bookmarking’s Purpose?
There are really two major purposes guiding Web 2. 0 bookmarking.

1. The main purpose of Web 2. 0 bookmarking is to have people with like interests bookmarks web pages that they think would be useful, or interesting, to other people who have the same interests. For example, I love fly fishing. Let’s say My partner and I find a site that contains some great custom-built fly fishing rods for an inexpensive price. I would bookmark that site with among the many possible bookmarking services. I would give the site I’m book-marking a title, a description and tags (keywords) related to economical custom built fly fishing rods. I would make sure the bookmark is set to public so others could find it, as well as would then have created a social bookmark.

Currently, when people search the bookmarking service, using the tag thoughts used to define the bookmarked sites, they are presented with a directory of related sites. Using our fly fishing example above instructions When someone searches for “fly fishing rods” they would receive a list of related sites, including the custom fly fishing rod website we bookmarked. Most bookmarking services also have a rating process so the most popular sites are at the top of the list.

minimal payments Another great benefit of Web 2. 0 bookmarking is, once you have societal bookmarked your favorite sites, you can easily find those bookmarked online websites from any computer connected to the internet. You simply log into the web-based social bookmarking service and find the website you bookmarked. This can be very very helpful if you have many websites you like to monitor when you are away from home and you aren’t going to be at your primary computer.

Why is bookmarking important to internet marketers?
Due to the fact, online bookmarking sites are generally very popular sites that purchase a lot of traffic, they have high Google page ranks and so are visited often by search engines. Submitting your site to the social bookmark management services increases the chance your site will be crawled by the yahoo and google. I have seen my sites crawled by Google just one single day after registering my site to social bookmarking expert services.

Submitting to Web 2. 0 bookmarking services is also a good idea to get one way, incoming, high page rank links coming to your blog which helps increase your page rank.

But most importantly, if your web page is seen as having value to a group of people, your savings can be rated highly and can create a ton of incredibly targeted traffic to your website.

Social bookmarking is growing at a phenomenal rate if you want to market on the internet, you need to add online bookmarking to the set of internet marketing tools.

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How to Explode Your Traffic With Social Bookmarking

social bookmarking

What happens if I told you there is a way to get traffic to your site instructions without building one-way links to your site – without submitting posts to directories – without submitting to directories aid without using pay per click – without search engine optimization – without counting on the big bad search engines?

In fact, this powerful new technique has a short learning curve and can send visitors to your site automatically!

No this isn’t a myth or some fantasy, but an interesting new way of driving traffic to your Website called “Social Bookmarking


To put it simply, social bookmarking is a collection of Web sites found by humans. Unlike the search engines which rely on complicated rules to index relevant Web sites for each topic, each internet site has been “bookmarked” by a human who found it exciting or helpful.

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of these kinds of bookmarking services available. Which means more opportunities for you to get your web blog noticed! To better understand this whole concept, take a moment to visit Delle condizioni. icio. us – del. icio. us one of the most well-liked social bookmarking communities online.


A visitor will join a new account, then start to bookmark his or her favorite internet sites by using “tags” (think of them like keywords). For example, if someone finds your site on muscle cars and finds it beneficial, they will then bookmark it on Delicious individuals using the tags “classic cars, street rods, hot rods” etc .

The more people who bookmark your site on each social bookmarking web page, the higher your site will climb in the rankings for that certain service. If you visit Delicious and do a search on “gardening”, you will see that the top ranked sites have been bookmarked as their favorite the most.

This, in a nutshell, is the basics of social bookmarking.


The beauty of social bookmarking is that there are numerous ways to generate traffic to your Website, both directly and ultimately. The goal is to get as many people as possible to search for your Website and content pages. Savvy marketers are now inserting simple but effective bookmarking scripts on their Web sites to improve their rankings. These scripts allow their visitor to be able to automatically bookmark their sites with the most popular services.

You may get two of the best scripts here:

Social Bookmarks Creator Screenplay – toprankblog. com/tools/social-bookmarks

For WordPress: Bookmark Me Set of scripts -. semiologic. com/software/widgets/bookmark-me

Remember, the more people who bookmark your internet site, the higher you will climb in their search rankings.


You should also create accounts at several of the more popular social bookmarking sites and bookmark your Websites as well.

Anytime you include a new page that people will find interesting or useful, you ought to bookmark that as well.

Be sure not to spam these sites, and also use appropriate tags. People will not bookmark garbage websites, and you could very well get banned from using these services. A good way to bookmark your sites quickly and easily is to use Onlywire. com OnlyWire. com will submit all of your new bookmarks to many of the popular services automatically, and best of all it’s free!

If you use WordPress and want a hands free script that will automatically discover each post you make, we suggest buying this program: Auto Social Poster We use it on all of our WordPress websites and love it!


Some of the most popular bookmarking sites like Del. icio. you and I rank extremely high in the search engines.

This means that while you may not rank high for a certain keyword in Google or Yahoo!, you may get high ranking on one of the popular bookmarking services.

So a user browsing on Google for “wedding dresses” may click on the search effect displayed from Del. icio. us and then find a web site on how to pick out a wedding dress.

Do you see how powerful this is certainly? It is yet another byproduct of social bookmarking.


One more major advantage of getting your Website listed on the social bookmark web pages is one-way links from high PR sites. Because these social bookmarking online websites have fresh, updated content on a daily basis, many of them rank high in the various search engines.

As you know (or should know) getting one-way links back to your Website is the number one most important aspect of achieving high search positions in the search engines. Now that you know exactly how to incorporate social bookmarking into your marketing and advertising plan, you have no excuse to start today. Emerge there and take action now!


del. icio. us

de. lirio. us

google. com/bookmarks

ma. gnolia.

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